We Translate any Meaningful Content including, but not limited to, …

Certified Translation

Ali Saad Agency provides certified translation services no matter the domain and the language pairs. A certified translation is a document translated by a qualified translator and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Accuracy attesting that the translation is accurate. A certified translation is required by many local/international governmental/non-governmental agencies like embassies, state departments, universities, school districts, organizations …etc.  Ali Saad Agency for Translation Services is ISO 17100:2015 certified translation agency. We guarantee the acceptance of our certified translations nationally and internationally.

Legal Translation

Trust in Our Legal Translations, Our Translators are Legal Experts!

We Translate All Legal Documents, including without limitation; Contracts, Agreements, MoU, Meeting Minutes, POA, Birth/Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Transcripts, Trademark Registration Documents, Patent Documents, Police Reports, Licenses, Court Documents, Criminal Records, and more.

Medical/Pharmaceutical Translation

Trust in our Medical Translations; Our Translators are Physicians!

We Translate All Medical Documents, including without limitation; reports and records, Leaflets about medicines, Documents about Equipment and Medical Instruments, Medical articles for publication in specialist magazines, clinical trials, and more.

Technical Translation

Trust in Our Technical Translation Services. Our Technical Translations are Reviewed by Technical Specialists.

We Translate All Technical Documents, including without limitation; Automotive, Machinery, Agricultural, Mechanical and Electrical engineering, Products & User Manuals, etc.

Website Content Translation

Language is a mean of communication. Translate Your Website into Other Languages and Gain More Clients!

IT Translation

Software and Hardware-related document translations.

Food/Drink Translation

We translate Recipes, Product Labels and Packaging, Menus, Nutritional Facts, …etc.

Financial Translation

Annual reports, Balance Sheets, Market surveys, Financial statements, Auditors’ reports, etc.

Marketing Translation

Market your products and services by translating their features into your clients’ language. We translate Advertising & PR materials.

Human Resources

We translate Employee Handbooks, Employment Applications, Newsletters, Workplace Safety Documents, Aptitude Tests, Codes of Conduct, Review Forms, Leave Forms, Employment Contracts, HR Policies, Payslips, HR Letters.

Educational and Learning Materials
Theses & Dissertations and Scientific Research
CVs & Emails
Real Estate, Civil Engineering, Construction, and Architecture
Market Research, Questionnaires, and Surveys

Arabic Proofreading

Do you want your Arabic text free of linguistic/stylistic mistakes and typos?

Your Arabic text is in the hands of the expert Arabic proofreaders. Your text will seem to be originally written by professional Arabic linguists. We provide Arabic proofreading service for special purposes. Our proofreaders consider the type of your readers while choosing the language and style.