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ISO 17100:2015 Certified TSP

We are an ISO 17100:2015 certified translation service provider. The certification proves that we only provide the best translations. It also demonstrates our continuing commitment to constantly meet and exceed the highest expectations of our clients.


24/7 Services

We are always available for our clients, even on the weekends and holidays. We can send translations anywhere in the world, at any time, either online or by mail as a hard copy.


Confidentiality and Privacy

We always protect the confidentiality and privacy of your documents. All of our linguists sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).


No Machine Translations

We never use machines. Our translations are always done by qualified linguists, who appreciate and understand the context of what they are translating. That guarantees a more accurate translation than any machine can provide.

“Translators As Cultural Bridges”

Ali Saad  ــــــــــ Founder

Certified Translation

Ali Saad Agency is an ISO 17100:2015 certified translation service provider. We provide certified translations regardless of the domain and language pairs. A certified translation is a translation done by a qualified translator, and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Accuracy that attests that the translation is accurate. Certified translations are required by many local and international governmental and non-governmental agencies, including embassies, state departments, universities, and school districts …etc. We guarantee that our certified translations will be accepted nationally and internationally.

Legal Translation

Trust in Our Legal Translations, Our Translators are Legal Experts!

We translate all types of legal documents, including agreements, birth, death, and marriage certificates, contracts, court documents, criminal records, licenses, meeting minutes, memorandum of understanding, patents, police reports, powers of attorney, trademark registrations, transcripts, and more.

Medical/Pharmaceutical Translation

Trust in our Medical Translations; Our Translators are Physicians!

We translate all types of medical documents, including articles selected for publication in specialized journals, clinical trials, medical equipment and instrument instructions, medical surveys, leaflets, records, reports, and more.

Technical Translation

Trust in Our Technical Translation Services. Our Technical Translations are Reviewed by Technical Specialists.

We translate all types of technical documents, including those from the agricultural, automotive, electrical engineering, and manufacturing industries, product and user manuals, and more.

Website Content Translation

Language is how everyone communicates. Translate your website into other languages and get more clients!


Ask for any language pair and we try to find a professional solution for your needs.

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