About Us

Ali Saad Translation Services is a rapidly growing translation service provider based in Egypt. We are registered under CR No. 25771, and are also ISO 17100:2015 Certified Translation Service Provider under No. 18.07.533-TRNS.

Our translations have been approved all over the world. We have a team of experts, specialists, and linguists for each industry. Our translators know and incorporate the jargon and terminology that are part of the culture of each of our clients. This helps ensure that our translations are accurate.

We are always in touch with their clients to ensure that the service provided meets their needs.

We have many testimonials from our happy clients. We are certain if you try our services, that you will agree with their assessment that we only provide the highest quality translations.

Our Mission

Our mission is our slogan Translators As Cultural Bridges. We want to build cultural bridges between nations.

Our Vision

To become a unique, internationally accredited, and reliable cultural bridge.

Our Translation Workflow as per ISO 17100

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